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Our Story

Retirement Can Wait...

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After only a couple of years of retirement, we were bored and needed inspiration. With our background in the food and beverage industry, we decided that we wanted to be part of the emerging East Coast wine industry. We searched up and down the region and finally found what we felt was the perfect parcel, 10 acres in the Tryon Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Polk County, North Carolina had a rich history of growing and selling grapes in the late 1800’s. Now with the area having over 20 vineyards and 3 wineries, we knew this was the place to begin. And begin we did…clearing the trees and thickets, preparing the soil and planting over 4000 grape vines. Although we were familiar with this, we made an outstanding discovery…we’re 31 years older (ouch!) and yet another adventure begins!!!


The Journey Continues...

But I have a plan. Our daughter, Kelly, joined us 4 years ago and she is getting the wine business in her blood. In June, 2019 our grandson Cory and his family will be joining us. With Cory’s son Hunter, our great-grandson, we would like to cultivate a family legacy. Family that works and maintains the farm for many generations. Good Stewards of the land and the wine it produces.

Justin our winemaker is young, talented and very passionate. So, with a younger team in place the old timers, Karen and myself, can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Let the journey continue….

The Timeline

The story of Parker-Binns

Dream to Reality
Purchased 10 Acres in the Tryon area of North Carolina.
It Begins
Land ripped and soil Ph levels adjusted and approximately 2500 vines planted (4 1/2 acres of vines!)
Time to Move
Moved full-time to Tryon to cultivate the land.
First Fruits
We bottled our first wines - Merlot & Chardonnay
More Land
We purchased 10 more acres and planted several more varieties of grapes.
Even More Land
Purchased 25 more acres of land!
Built the House
We built the yellow house you see on top of the hill. Such a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains!
Barn Raising!
We built the barn that hosts the Pig Pickin' and many more events!
More Land
We purchased 5 more acres of land!
What Production!
We produced wine from 11 acres of Vines!
To The Barn!
Exciting changes in store for 2019, such as moving the tasting room to the barn and soon we will be adding a restaurant!!
Covid-19 Emerges but the show goes on! "The Watchman" and "Méthode Chimpanzee" are born with their inaugural releases.
More Vineyard expansion plans begin, the gavel sounds cementing "a divorce" with Cabernet Sauvignon at PBV.
3 acres of Malbec, Tannat and Vidal Blanc are planted on the estate. Chambourcin supplants Cabernet.